Frequently asked questions

Useful information about your South Sea paradise

In the quieter summer months, a visit is possible from Monday to Sunday without reservation.

The spa area is only available to guests in swimwear on Saturday evening until midnight. Sauna guests who wish to change to the thermal bath area are kindly requested to bring their swimwear with them.

Entry to the THERME Bad Wörishofen is only for people over 16 years of age. The exception is Family Saturday – every Saturday from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. – when families with kids under 16 can enjoy the exotic atmosphere of the THERME and discover its unique sauna attractions.

In principle, the value of regularly purchased admission vouchers does not expire. The date given merely indicates that the price is fixed. This means that you only pay the difference between the voucher value and the current price after the specified date.

The water in the thermal pool is state-recognised spa water with a total mineralisation of over 2,200 mg/l, which is particularly beneficial to health.

The exotic atmosphere, pleasant heat, very high-quality thermal spa water and unique health pools are particularly beneficial for people with physical ailments. The THERME Bad Wörishofen is all on ground level, so wheelchair users can also move around the complex easily. A water lift, disabled toilets and large changing cubicles guarantee a relaxing break with no obstacles. For added convenience, there are also special shower areas and water-resistant wheelchairs which can be hired at the cash desk.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer discounts for disabled people. But if you have a “B” for “Begleitperson” (carer) on your disabled pass, this person gets in free.

Lost property is dried and entered in our lost property book. If you have lost something after a visit, please phone us on +49 (0)8247-399 301 within 2 weeks. If the items are found, you can either pick them up on your next visit or send us a stamped addressed envelope.

Please wear your changing room key securely on your wrist at all times! If you lose your key, report the loss immediately to staff at reception or the active team. The key will be immediately blocked so that nobody can visit solariums or restaurants at your expense.
 If the key has not been found by the end of your visit, we will have to charge you for the services booked on it plus € 38 for a new key and/or € 10 to procure a new transponder.

Kelo wood comes from dried-out polar pine trees that are hundreds of years old. A characteristic feature of kelo is its silvery grey shimmering surface and reddish coloured heartwood which is extremely hard due to its slow growth in cold regions. This rare and therefore very valuable material creates a mellow, homely atmosphere and makes for a really special sauna experience. The kelo trunks used to make the sauna building at the THERME Bad Wörishofen have a diameter of 30 – 35 cm, are 200 to 250 years old and come from the huge forests on the border between Finland and Russia. If you look closely, you can see the many tightly spaced growth rings!

Recognised studies have shown that foot disinfection systems in no way guarantee the foot hygiene that people expect! The problem is that this kind of disinfection is ineffective without exposure and drying times of at least 25 minutes.
We therefore decided not to install these systems, but instead to clean the floors daily with disinfectant as a preventive measure. To ensure optimum foot hygiene, you can also wear bathing shoes and rub your feet with a good covering of oily cream before putting them on.

We request that you do not bring an assortment of food into the complex. A drink and a light snack such as fruit is tolerated as a gesture of goodwill. Our reception staff and active team are encouraged to politely make you aware of our rules. Our staff are authorised to retain glass containers of any kind, and any cool boxes or picnic baskets must remain closed during your visit.

Children under 16 get free entry to the sports baths on their birthday on presentation of their ID.
 All birthday guests get a bonus hour if they present their ID on entry to the THERME.

Forgotten your towel or bathrobe? No problem – you can hire a towel and/or bathrobe for your visit at the reception of the THERME Bad Wörishofen. Hiring a towel costs € 4 plus €15 refundable deposit, and hiring a bathrobe costs € 6 plus € 30 refundable deposit.

For a relaxed visit, we recommend you book your preferred appointment time by telephone:
MassagePerle in the Spa Paradise Tel.: +49 (0)8247 399 350
Day SPA Juwel massages in the Vitality Baths & Saunas Tel.: +49 (0)8247 399 355

Due to legal regulations, smoking in the THERME Bad Wörishofen is now only permitted in designated outdoor areas. In the thermal paradise you will find the smokers’ pavilion directly on the thermal beach next to the passage door.
In the sauna area there is a covered smoking bridge in the outdoor section.