Bathing and sauna rules at the THERME Bad Wörishofen

1. Liability and purpose

The spa and sauna rules are binding for all guests of the THERME Bad Wörishofen, the Vitality Baths & Saunas and blueFUN.
THERME Bad Wörishofen GmbH is a facility that aims to offer every guest the maximum possible rest, relaxation and pleasure. The purpose of these bathing and sauna rules is to ensure safety, order and cleanliness.
On handover of the transponder (=> data medium for the services used in the THERME, the Vitality Baths & Saunas and in blueFUN) and the locker key, the visitor is deemed to have accepted the bathing and sauna rules.
2. Opening, admission and entry

Admission to the THERME and the Vitality Baths & Saunas is only permitted to persons aged 16 years or over (exception: Family Saturday 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.). There is no age restriction in blueFUN. The opening times of the THERME, the Vitality Baths & Saunas and blueFUN are defined by the management and publicly displayed in the reception hall. The bathing times depend on the validated tariffs. If they are exceeded, an additional fee will be charged accordingly. The closing times refer to the time of leaving the premises. The bathing and sauna time ends 20 minutes before closing time, i.e. you must leave the bathing, spa and sauna area at this time.
For safety reasons, the premises are partially monitored by CCTV. The recordings can only be viewed in case of suspicion, and then only by the management and the police. The aim of this is to protect the property of the guests and of THERME Bad Wörishofen GmbH.
The management can restrict the use and services of the THERME Bad Wörishofen completely or partially at any time (due to e.g. operational disruptions, renovations, audit). Claims against the operator for this reason are excluded.
If parts of the facility cannot be used due to filming, events, courses etc., there shall be no entitlement to a refund or a reduction in the admission price.
People who are helpless due to a severe physical or mental disability, or who require supervision, may only enter the THERME Bad Wörishofen, the Vitality Baths & Saunas and blueFUN provided they are accompanied by a carer of legal age. This also applies to people with a tendency to seizures and fainting.
Non-swimmers and children under 12 will only be admitted provided they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. People with infectious diseases, open wounds, skin rashes or diseases which could cause shock to others, and persons who are drunk or under the influence of intoxicants will not be granted access to the THERME Bad Wörishofen, the Vitality Baths & Saunas or blueFUN.
Animals will not be admitted.
Validated admission tickets, vouchers, ThermenCARDs and time credits cannot be returned or credited to others. Lost or unredeemed vouchers will not be replaced, nor monetarily reimbursed.
When you purchase a ThermenCARD (prepaid card), a deposit of € 10 is payable; this will be refunded when the card is returned. If lost, ThermenCARDs will be replaced on presentation of your official ID and the sales receipt, plus payment of a processing fee of € 15 (€ 10 deposit for a new ThermenCARD + € 5 processing).
3. Bathing, spending time

Validation of your admission ticket does not entitle you to a seat or lounger. Reserving seats or loungers with towels, bags or other objects is not permitted. If objects are placed there for this purpose, Therme staff are authorised to remove them.
Bathing and sauna guests must behave in a way that does not pose a threat to safety, order or cleanliness within the THERME Bad Wörishofen, blueFUN and the Vitality Baths & Saunas.
Wilful acts of soiling will be subject to a cleaning fee of € 30. If a guest finds their cubicle, locker etc. to be unclean, this must be reported immediately to the staff.
As a basic principle, the changing cubicles should only be used by one person at a time.
All guests are obliged to wash before entering the thermal spa and bathing complex and the sauna facilities.
Soap and other body cleansers and creams must not be used outside the shower facilities.
Bags, towels or other objects must not be placed on the ventilation shafts on the glazed façades.
Please respect all guests’ need for peace and quiet and ensure quietness, particularly in the saunas, steam baths and the vitality pool.
Hugging, kissing and caressing must be kept to a minimum in the THERME Bad Wörishofen, the Vitality Baths & Saunas and blueFUN; you must refrain from this entirely in the bathing facilities (sauna cabins, steam baths, whirlpools, thermal spring water pools etc.).
Every guest must behave in such a way as not to importune any other guest.
4. Saunas

Access to the Vitality Baths & Saunas is only permitted for guests aged 16 and over. (Exception: Family Saturday 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.)
On Saturday evening from 7.00 p.m. till midnight, the whole Therme area is nudist.
The Vitality Baths & Saunas are a nudist zone. However, this area is not a naturist facility. After the sauna, including the required cooling-off phase, guests must therefore cover themselves with a bathrobe or towel. This also applies to the restaurant areas.
Guests must clean and dry themselves thoroughly before using the sauna facilities. In the sweat rooms, a sufficiently large towel must be used for sitting or lying on so as not to soil the benches.
5. Special rules

The following are not permitted:
– Running
– Smoking anywhere in the inside areas (Galeria, THERME, blueFUN, Vitality Baths & Saunas); smoking is permitted only in the designated areas (with ash trays) in the outdoor part of the sauna, blueFUN and the THERME
– Walking barefoot in the locker area, shower rooms, baths and the thermal spa complex, and entering the sauna area with outdoor shoes
– Bringing in food and drink and objects that may break if subjected to force (e.g. glass, porcelain)
– Soiling of the bathing zones and swimming pools
– Spitting on the floor or in the bathing water
– Entering or getting out of the pools anywhere other than the steps and access ladders. This is due to the risk of injury, particularly with regard to walking on the edges of the pool.
– Diving into the water from the pool edges and the podium above the grotto
– Doing gymnastics on the access ladders or other handrails
– Wearing bathing shoes or flippers in the water
– Using mobile phones or laptops
– Bringing in radios, TV sets or musical or signal instruments and using these
– Photography and filming
– Distributing advertising material of any kind; this also applies to the car parks
– Any form of collecting money
– Food and drink from the restaurants may only be consumed in the restaurant areas, terraces and outdoor areas designated for this purpose.
6. Liability
All bathing, thermal spa and sauna facilities must be treated with due care by the guests.
Each guest is liable for any damage that he or she has caused to THERME Bad Wörishofen through improper use, deliberate soiling or damage.
Parents or legal guardians are liable for damage caused by their children.
It is recommended that you place valuables in the safe deposit boxes in the cash desk and changing area. THERME Bad Wörishofen GmbH will not assume liability for the loss or damage of items that guests have brought into the THERME Bad Wörishofen – regardless of where they were placed – except in cases of wilful intent or gross negligence by THERME Bad Wörishofen GmbH and its staff.
Objects found in the baths must be handed in at reception.
All lost property is gathered and stored at the end of the day. If it is not collected by its owner, lost property is handed over to the lost property office at the end of the retention period.
We accept no liability for our supplementary offers such as masks, scrubs, infusions etc. and any skin irritations that occur following these. This disclaimer also applies to soiling of textiles caused by these.
The operator assumes no liability for any discolouration, bleaching or damage to swimwear or jewellery/watches/glasses, as this can occur due to the water properties (sulphur).  The operator also assumes no liability for damage to swimwear caused by slipping.
Use of all the facilities at THERME Bad Wörishofen, particularly the attractions, the current channel, the flumes and the recreation areas, is at your own risk.
THERME Bad Wörishofen GmbH accepts no liability for force majeure and circumstances which would not have been immediately identifiable even with normal levels of care and attention (e.g. power failure).
THERME Bad Wörishofen GmbH and its employees accept no liability for personal injury, damage to property or financial losses, except in cases of wilful intent or gross negligence. This also applies to the vehicles parked in the car parks.
Each visitor is responsible for his or her own key or transponder armband. Both objects must be worn on the body during the whole stay. Loss of a key will incur a charge of € 38. Loss of a transponder armband will incur a charge of €10. If the key or transponder armband are later found, this amount will be refunded. The guest is entitled to prove that the THERME Bad Wörishofen incurred no loss or a considerably more minor loss. THERME Bad Wörishofen GmbH is entitled to prove that a higher loss was incurred.
7. Miscellaneous

The staff of the thermal spa have the right to allow or deny access to the baths, thermal spa and saunas and to enforce the house rules.
The instructions of the staff must be followed.
The staff have the right to exclude guests from further use of the facilities if they pose a threat to safety or order, bother other guests or contravene these spa and sauna rules. In these cases, the admission fee will not be refunded and cannot be claimed back. If a guest fails to obey these instructions, he or she shall become liable to prosecution for trespassing.
Anyone who illegally enters the premises can expect a criminal charge.
The bathing, spa and sauna rules apply to general thermal spa and sauna use. Exceptions may be permitted for special events, without the need for special suspension of the bathing, spa and sauna rules.
Complaints, requests or suggestions may be addressed to any employee of THERME Bad Wörishofen GmbH.